Sunday, March 6, 2016

Have A Heart

One of the Huapai District School Values is Compassion. In order to create a classroom culture of care, we need to show compassion to others. A symbol for compassion is the heart. we are creating a piece of art based on colour and hearts. We have been learning to mix primary, secondary and tertiary colours with paint and we have been writing colour poems.

Colour Poems...

Lime Green File:Logo MagniaRadio.png
Lime green sounds like someone juicing a lime
Lime green is road workers in hi vis jackets
Lime green sounds like birds chirping in a jungle
Lime green is the sound of someone making a smoothie in the hot summer
Lime green is the sound of someone running through wet grass
Lime green sounds like slimes jumping in Minecraft
Lime green is the life of nature growing
Lime green is the colour of Ngahere in our school
Lime green is the 4th colour in the rainbow

Alex B

Neon pink         
Neon pink is my colour of happiness popping out at me
Neon pink is the colour of quotes flowers blowing in the wind
Neon pink is the colour of the fluffy cushion next to me 
Neon pink is the smell of a fresh coat of nail polish
Neon pink is the taste of a sour pink lemon in my mouth
Neon pink takes the brightness away from most pinks 
Neon pink’s just like you and me                        
tumblr_nymy87hC5T1ukdlcoo1_1280.gif Paige!


Black is as dark as a new moon night sky                                                                                                                                                                                                    Black can be as spooky as a haunted house                                                                                                    
Black is as dark and furry  as a penguins coat                                                                                                                   
Black is my black hair                                                                                                                     
Black is the lonely colour of space                                                                                                the International Space   


Green is soothing like grass on your feet
Green  smells like a mint melting  in water

Green is as juicy as a green grape

Green can be as slimy as a slime on Minecraft
Green is the environment so take care of the world
Green is a palm tree swaying in the gushing wind

Green gives us oxygen that keeps us alive


                      Light pink
download (24).jpg
Light pink is the sound of my mum biting into a yummy bit of dragon fruit
images (33).jpg
Light pink is the taste of juicy peaches going down your throat
Light_Pink_430051_i0 (1).png
Light pink is the colour most little girls love
Light pink is the smell of scented cupcakes wafting in the air
images (32).jpg
Light pink is the taste of bubblegum popping out of your mouth
download (25).jpg
Light pink is the feeling of pink jelly beans bouncing around in your tummy

Made by : Sophie D Room 10

Black  is the shadows creeping up on you-Image result for shadow
Black is the Image result for deth in your hands
Black is the darkest night-
Black is the medieval past
Black is trapped dead underground miners-
Black is your  darkest nightmare-Image result for dark nightmare
Black  is another universe outside ours-

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  1. Great poems, Room 10! I loved reading them. Maybe the kids in Room 19 might do something similar.